Ivory River

When a West Coaster on the run from his past collides with a small-town farm boy in the wilds of Nowhere, Texas, sparks fly. But neither expect to find themselves at the center of an ever-deepening mystery after tragedy suddenly strikes.

Read the first three chapters for free below in a format of your preference. The original version retains the names and details of the characters as I first imagined them, while the fic version is formatted for posting on AO3 in the Xarry tag with minimal changes.

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Content Warnings & Potential Spoilers:

  • Semi-explicit descriptions involving child death
  • Frequent allusions to parental and domestic abuse
  • Implied and explicit sexual content between main character and various characters
  • Physical altercation between main character and eventual love interest
  • Slightly ableist perspective from main character
  • Descriptions of illness and death due to cancer